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October Treats

~Watch the video to the end to see Honey Chicken’s “Peek-A-Boo”!~

Pumpkins are a great source of many vitamins and nutrients for your flock, and it’s quite entertaining to watch the chickens pull apart the stringy “spaghetti” like pumpkin pieces. Some chickens will eat the seeds, although mine aren’t too interested. A pumpkin in the chicken run is a great boredom buster, and although they might ignore it at first, eventually someone will be brave and check it out, and then everyone else will follow. I like to cut the top off the pumpkin to give the girls a head start, but you could just give them the entire pumpkin and let them “carve” it their way. Our new baby chicks literally climbed in and enjoyed the strange orange treat placed in their playpen. It’s Autumn fun for everyone!

October 18, 2016

Denise Downs