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Olive the “Olive Egger”

Olive the Olive Egger. Totally original name, right?

Well, with mixed breeds there are occasional surprises…for instance…Olive just laid her first egg the other day, and…Surprise! It’s not olive green at all, but instead it’s a lovely light tan off-whitish color egg. With new egg layers, the first few eggs are usually quite small, but Olive’s was absolutely adorably mini…the smallest egg I have ever seen. Olive is part Cochin, so she has feathered feet and super awesome fluffy feathers. Not to mention, the best fluffy butt in the yard! You can see her egg in the pictures, and for comparison, I put it next to a small white egg from our Sicilian Buttercup, Butters, I know…another truly original name…we are great with names for sure, ha ha! So, I guess with mixed breeds, it’s not necessarily guaranteed that you will get the egg color you planned on…but regardless of the color, it’s still a great little breakfast gift from your pet chicken!

March 20, 2017

Denise Downs