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Where Oh Where is CeCe’s Egg?

We have been pretty lucky with our chickens…they actually lay their eggs in the nest boxes. I’ve heard stories of people who find eggs all over the yard, sometimes in large numbers! Some hens just like to hide their eggs, and others just like to pick their own spot. With that in mind, we are lucky that our ladies are trained to use the nests we made for them. Until…there was CeCe. This little lady likes to lay her eggs in all corners of the coop…I know, I know…at least they are still IN the coop! We have found the majority of her pretty speckled green eggs in the nest boxes, but occasionally we find them in the bottom far corners of the coop where she has made multiple nests of pine shavings. Once in awhile her eggs are NEAR the nest boxes, but not IN them. I’m not sure if she just likes the extra space, or if she’s tired of the nest box antics that inevitably occur…everyone is always arguing over using THE nest box of choice…and it varies from day to day which one is THE one. So maybe she just doesn’t want to deal with the drama. Regardless, she’s pretty cute making her little nests all over the place, and it has become a bit of an Easter Egg hunt to see where her egg is each day. I guess she’s just keeping us on our toes and shaking things up.

April 26, 2017

Denise Downs