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We Flew The Coop!!!

We moved!

We packed up and left Southern California (The only home we’ve ever known) and moved to Colorado. Best*Decision*Ever! It was an interesting adventure to get here though,  because I had to drive, straight through, with a car full of 7 chickens and a cat! I didn’t stop for the night because any place that would have been ok with me and my menagerie…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to stay there!!! My husband drove the moving truck, the kids flew with my parents, and I took the (very long) road less traveled.

After thoroughly researching the best way to travel with chickens, I decided to get a few of the metal crate style cages. I paired BFF’s (Best Feathered Friends) together in my attempt to cut down the stress of car travel…for everyone! I had a total of 3 crates…one with my 2 black Australorp besties, one with my Easter Egger and Sicilian Buttercup, and one slightly larger crate with the younger/smaller crew- 1 Isbar, 1 Svart Hona, 1 Cochin. For the most part, everyone got along just fine. The cat sat in the front passenger seat in a super plush and posh “cage”, if you could even call it that, and she was actually the worst traveler of the bunch. I left the house in the very early morning when it was still dark outside, so the pets would sleep…wishful thinking.

I made several stops along the way to fill up food, give clean water, and clean up chicken poop, but the craziest thing happened…Honey actually laid an egg in her crate along the way! That was definitely a surprise! After about 19 hours of driving, and 5 or 6 pit stops, we finally made it to the house…phew! I-was-exhausted!

April 26, 2017

Denise Downs