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My Story

Denise Downs

I didn't grow up on a farm, or even near one really...I have lived my entire life in Southern California suburbia, until about 2 years ago when we moved to Colorado. I am married to the love of my life...he gets me...and he makes me laugh! I am a mom with two teen (sigh) girls, a chicken mom to our flock of 7 "ladies", and lets just throw crazy cat lady in there to complete the wonderful image you now have in your head! (Truth: I only have 1 cat).

I love birds, but never had one as a pet because I can’t stand the thought of putting something that can fly free into a cage. I never even thought of chickens as pets until I went to visit a friend, and she had them in her backyard…wait, WHAT?!?! You mean I can have pet birds that will roam around my yard, not fly away, sit in my lap like a cat, and actually give me food everyday!?!?! YES please!!!

I took my daughters to the local feed store and we came home with 4 adorable, fluffy chicks (2 were black Australorps). We raised them into 4 lovely hens that lay beautiful yummy eggs for our family. “Chicken Math” is a real thing though…so…4 plus 2 equals 10, right??? We have added to our flock, and have more chicks on the way…it’s a problem, I know…but I am loving every minute of it!

This blog is my story; my life, and all the crazy that goes on, each and every day. I am happy to share my chicken knowledge with you as I live and learn through my experiences. I will also share the other happenings and amusements that occupy my time…designing, building, sewing, crafting, baking, and some occasional mom venting/advice. So grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine)…and take a break…to read, comment, and enjoy the blog!